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Winter Pilgrimage Itinerary

(subject to minor changes)

Dec 31: Depart for Europe from LAX

***Feast of the Holy Family***

Jan 01: Arrive in Lisbon, Travel to Sentarem / Fatima

***Feast of Mary, The Mother of God***

-Immediately travel via train/bus to Santarem (the sight of the Eucharistic Miracle of Bleeding Host). We will have adoration at the Church of St. Steven (The Church of the Holy Miracle). Depart for Fatima in the evening; upon arrival we will attend evening vespers at the monastery and eat dinner. After dinner we will end the night with Charismatic Worship, then begin the silent retreat. ***Overnight in monastery in Fatima***

Jan 02: Day in Fatima

-Continuing our silent retreat, we will visit the sights of the “Miracle of the Sun” and of the Marian apparitions. This is a holy time to persevere in contemplative prayer, discernment, and piety. As night falls, we will possibly celebrate mass at the Basilica of Our Lady, then participate in the evening vespers. ***Overnight in the monastery in Fatima***

Jan 03: Stay in Fatima, Depart for Avila in the Evening

-We will complete the silent retreat with a guided meditation and Charismatic worship to rejoice in the fullness of our experience. After mass we will depart on an overnight train arriving in Avila early morning.

Jan 04: Day in Avila

-We arrive in Avila, the best-preserved walled city in the world! Optional trip to the Home of St. Theresa of Avila and her Carmelite Monastery. We will also visit the church of her spiritual director, St. John of the Cross. Free day to roam around Avila, Spain, etc. ***Overnight in local monastery in Avila***

Jan 05: Evangelize nearby cities / Optional Free Day in Spain

-We will travel to nearby cities to continue out journey of faith. We will visit the burial sight of St Theresa of Avila. This day is lead by the Holy Spirit for Evangelization and prayer. Optional: Travel and enjoy the Spanish culture!!! Use this time to see places that you have always wanted to see, but remember to use your time wisely.

Jan 06: Meet in San Sebastian / Depart for Lourdes

***Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord***

-NOTE: We will meet in San Sebastian in the morning around 9:00am. We depart for Lourdes in the afternoon, and arrive in the evening for the nightly International Rosary in the Grotto. End with Charismatic Worship. ***Overnight with Emmanuel Community in Lourdes***

Jan 07: Day in Lourdes

***Birth of St Bernadette***

Continue to experience the magnificent beauty and wonder of Lourdes. You are a reflection of the Living Jesus, so remember to maintain holiness and purity as you visit. OPTIONAL: Mountain walk of the stations of the cross; personal prayer and reflection; sightseeing; possibly meeting with the Missionaries of Emmanuel Community. ***Overnight with Emmanuel Community in Lourdes***

Jan 08: Day in Lourdes / Depart for Paris

-We will visit the Grotto where Mary appeared to young Bernadette Soubirous and witness the miraculous wonders of the Spring and the Healing Baths. We will have private time for Adoration in the chapel, and possibly English Confessions, if desired. OPTIONAL: Mountain walk of the stations of the cross; personal prayer and reflection; sightseeing; possibly meeting with the Missionaries of Emmanuel Community. ***Depart for Paris at 8:30 pm***

Jan 09: Day Trip to Lisieux / Optional Free day in Paris

-Day trip to Lisieux. We will visit the sights of St Therese, the Little Flower. We will have opportunities of prayer and worship in her church. We will return to Paris in the evening. ***Overnight in Paris with Emmanuel Community*** Optional: Enjoy Paris and feel free to travel to other nearby cities in France.

Jan 10: Free day in Paris

-Free day in Paris; do what you want, but please stay in Paris. We will meet together for dinner. ***Overnight in Paris with Emmanuel Community***

Jan 11: Depart for U.S. (10:15 am from CDG)