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Concentration Areas Assignments


Each assignment is descibe below and can be found in this order on the following pages, unless otherwise noted.


     DISC Profile Survey

      This is a personality and work ethic analysis that was taken during BIS 301 Course:  I think that this is very important for the portfolio because it describes in great detail my personality and my best work style. I chose to place this in the section for Concentration area assignments, because it applies to all concentrations; not only BIS.  This first artifact in this section because I believe that it is the most important.


     REL 305 Assignment: Image and Myth Paper

   This assignment is a paper on the integration of a particular image and myth.  We were supposed to dissect the image using comparisons.  I found this assignment important for the portfolio because it illustrates how I organized my thoughts in regards to the comparison of the image and myth. 


     REL 305 Assignment: Paper on the “Image of God”

   I placed this paper after the Image and Myth paper because it expands on the topic that I wrote about in the Image and myth paper.  It takes the differences of the image and myth and combines them into a theological explanation.  This paper clearly points out my imaginative skills, and my systematic nature.  I can organize thoughts in a very intellectual way that can be understood by the readers.