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BIS Core Classes

Interdisciplinary studies

“Core Classes” 


      BIS 301: Fundamentals of Interdisciplinary Studies

      After completely this course, I have broadened my perspective of myself, my interests and   the people around me.  I have learned much more about how to integrate two different concentrations together; International Business and Religious Studies.  My career goals focus on both of these aspects, therefore this class was very fruitful for my learning experience.  Furthermore, I will change the way I work with people in a team setting.  Each person has their own gifts and characteristics; this class taught me how to identify these traits.  I can see the strength that comes from a team, rather than an individual.  Now that I have taken this course, I will rely more on team planning.


      BIS 302: Interdisciplinary Principles

     This course has enhanced my professional skills and prepared me for the working force.  It has helped me understand more fully how to integrate any two or more concentrations together.  This is a very useful skill in business.  It is clear that BIS 302 focuses more heavily on the principles behind the theory.  This helped me to engage my ideas into practice, rather than in theory.  After have taken this course, I expect to be able to convince employers of the growing need for interdisciplinary integration.  I know that more companies are forming interdisciplinary task management teams; therefore, I am expecting to be equipped to be on a team.


      BIS 401: Applied Interdisciplinary Studies

      I have chosen an applied study at the All Saints Catholic Newman Center at ASU.  I will intern as the Assistant Campus Minister for the Fall semester of 2004.  This internship is a perfect integration of my two concentration areas.  The ASU campus has a large diversity of cultures and religions.  As the Assistant Campus Minister, I will be required to interact with  many students from many parts of the world.  My understanding of different religious backgrounds, gives me an advantage with communication.  Furthermore, this position consists of many business practices that I am equipped to do.  My International Business experience has equipped me with knowledge of marketing, cultural ethics, business relations, and management.  All of these concentrations integrate into the Campus Ministry position that I will use as my applied study for BIS 401.