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Portfolio Developement Process

Portfolios are very important for career seeking professionals. They portray the skills and talents that equips a person for a particular job. I believe that the process of building a portfolio is just as important as the portfolio itself. The process guides a person into their deep inner self and springs forth a wealth of knowledge that was stored inside. Many people do not realize their own skills, simply because they do not take the time to analyze work.

This process was very beneficial for me. With anything that is good, many times it comes with a struggle. This is similar to the saying, “No pain, no gain.” It was not only a struggle because it took a very long time to compile all of the information into one portfolio, but it was difficult to boast about my gifts and talents. It was even more difficult to write them down on paper. I believe that portfolios are very important for searching for a career, as well. With the prospect of being interviewed, I feel more equipped with having a portfolio to hand to the potential employer. Now, I am more aware of my qualifications, and have a greater ability to market myself in a more precise manner.