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          As a conscientious person at work, I ensure quality an accuracy in existing circumstances. I am very observant, therefore I rarely let mistakes get through my leadership.  I have tendency to analyze all that others are doing and critique them to perfection.  This leads to great efficiency and quality in the workplace; furthermore, others grow and learn exceptionally under my leadership.  It is very important for a team to have conscientious members.


          In forming an Interdisciplinary Team, it is critical that each member works to their full potential.  Being conscientious help the team with accountability and direction within a given task.  Sometimes, co-workers would say that a conscientious person is to meticulous or hard-working, but these characteristics are necessary for a successful business.  Many companies are careless with their production and their methods, resulting in failure. 


          I am currently in the process of organizing a service for the United States Postal Service.  This process requires me to be exceptionally conscientious to each detail presented.  David Page, my contact manager at the U.S.P.S has been very helpful in teaching me to be more conscientious of detail.  As you can see, in the attached artifact, David encourages me to be meticulous with my data details.  (The attached proposal in still in progress, therefore I have only attached in this document the first draft.  There have been multiple drafts and submissions to David, but I cannot release them at the moment.)  It is clear that conscientiousness is essential for the success of this proposal, as it is with any task in business.


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