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           A person who is diplomatic communicates well with other people, generally with a non-threatening tone.  Initially, I try to avoid conflict especially setting up contracts or agreements.  This helps projects and tasks run smoothly, and builds trust between the negotiators or team members.  The diplomatic member is the efficient peace keeper.  By keeping the peace, tasks are accomplished with much less stress than needed with significantly more teamwork. 


          From a interdisciplinary prospective, many teams comprise a variety of opinions and personalities.  Often, this creates an ineffective group, unless someone steps forward to smooth out the process of communication.  I am a person who mediates information to those members who have trouble understanding others or working in groups.  This is necessary for an interdisciplinary group to function properly. 


          Many times, negotiations consist of many different parties.  For example, with the purchase of a house, one person is selling, the other is buying, and possible another in renting.  It also consists of financial barrowing; this entails many negotiators.  I have attached a copy of a contract of my first purchase of a house.  This agreement show the importance of communicating to others in a non-threatening way in order for the new tenant to trust me (the landlord).  I would like him and his family to be able to approach me with any questions or problems that may arise. It is important to approach this situation from a diplomatic perspective.



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