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          Working well with team members is a particular gift that is extremely important in a good business.  A good team-person utilizes the minds and talents of others.  This is key to developing a widespread collection of ideas.  One person does not know everything, therefore it is vital to have the ability to work and learn with others.  A team-person performs the best work or develop the greatest ideas while working with others.  Furthermore, a good team person also works on independent initiatives and is able to represent these ideas to the group.  Many people do not like to share ideas with the group.


          On an interdisciplinary team, it is critical to share ideas with others in a way that they can understand.  It is important to obtain feedback on ideas.  I tend to share my ideas in a group, and often the ideas are completely manipulated in a much more collaborative way; when more people can benefit from my idea.  The product of my idea would not have accomplished the same goal unless I shared my ideas in a group.  More things can happen with better quality and efficiency. 


          I will use the example of the first pilgrimage that I organized.  I have many independent ideas for the trip; unfortunately the response was little.  I only had 3 people interested in going on the pilgrimage.  From that point, I consulted a group to help me organize and plan the trip.  By the end of the planning, my ideas were enhanced and more attractive.  The price of the trip was significantly decreased, the adventure increased, and the number of people interested was exactly what I had hope for.  Being able to work well in a group brings out the greatest results.

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