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          A systematic person is a punctual hard worker.  I try to make sure that everything gets done correctly and on time.  For a systematic person, it is difficult to watch co-workers slack on the job.  When co-workers are not efficient enough, I tend to jump in and show them the correct and most beneficial way to get the job done.  I work very hard to create systems of efficiency and quality.  Systematic workers like structure, but not to much that it constipates innovation.  I am constantly figuring out new ways of doing a job.


          A systematic person is critical for an interdisciplinary team because of the organizational skills that he has.  This organization creates an atmosphere of understanding and control.  Each person on the team must know exactly what task they are undertaking, therefore it is important to have a systematic approach to organizing tasks.  Many teams are unstructured and create chaos within the task force.  If there is a member of team that possesses the systematic skill, then many problem with organization can be avoided within the task force. 


          For Example, I have organized a travel company IATA called All Savers Travel.  In organizing this company, I had to systematically coordinate the ideas for the company.  I was unequipped to accomplish many of the tasks required, but I was able to direct each task in the order that it needed to be done.  I have attached a sample flier for special that will be coming out soon for the next winter break.  Many students are little money to spend, and would like to see as much as they can; furthermore, they choose where they go.   


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