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Academic Planning

Academic Plan
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Academic Plan
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Peter’s semester plan


“Academic Plan” 

FALL 2004   (12 Credits)


                  BIS 401: Applied Interdisciplinary Studies

                  BIS 402: Senior Seminar

                   REL405: Religion and Public Life

                  IBS 400: Cultural Factors in International Business


        With only 12 credits left to graduate, I need to organize my schedule so that I am not overwhelmed with school and I have time to work.  I arranged my schedule around my work schedule:

          For BIS 401 / BIS 402 "Core Classes" (see additional pages)

          REL 405: Religion and Public Life course is required.  I chose the Tuesday afternoon at 1:40 because the other was on Wednesday night.  Also, I thought that religion with media would be very interesting to learn about, especially because media play a crucial role in business factors. 


     IBS 400: Cultural Factors in International Business- I chose this course for multiple reasons: 1) I love learning about different cultures and how to do business in other countries.  It fits well with my interests in International Business with Religious Studies. 2) This class is at 6:05pm on Monday night, therefore it will not interrupt my work schedule for the Fall.