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      The interdisciplinary academic world is the beginning of a new future; a new future, not only for me, but for business.  As I have taken the time to analyze my academic career, I have realized where I want to go as a student.  My personal mission statement simply states, “I will strive to provide the sufficient need of my future family, and serve the community as long as I am privileged to do so.  I will strive to live a virtuous life.”  This is the core of my ideology.  I have attached a copy of my Core Ideology assignment to this section. 


          The value of an academic plan of action is endless.  It allows a student to gather his goals and integrate them into reality.  I have learned that it is not difficult to progress with goals as long as there is a plan of action.  There is much value if having a layout of the future, so that a student can gain focus of their own person goals. 


          My life as a student has lead me to where I desire be as a Post-Graduate.  I will not be continuing my course of study in a graduate program, because my career goals are applicable in my current state in life.  Some time in the future, I may return to school; but it is not a part of my academic plan for the near future.  I learned how to integrate my ideas into action, therefore my plan-of-action will become a real-time reality.