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Peter’s BIS Assignments


Each assignment is descibe below and can be found in this order on the following pages, unless otherwise noted.


     BIS Assignment 1: IDS Web Search

      This assignment is the first assignment that was given in class.  I placed it      first in section 1 of my portfolio because it describes each concentration area in detail.  It also gives a basic overview of what Interdisciplinary Studies is and how it is applied.  I find this assignment very important in the portfolio because of the information that it holds.


     BIS Assignment 2: Concentration Areas Summary

      The concentration area summary assignment is important in understanding how I integrated International Business with Religious Studies.  Each concentration is described in detail.  Also found in the summary are sub-fields, which expand the specific concentration to other areas to be integrated.  This is the second assignment found in this section.


     BIS Handout: Prochaska’s Stages of Change Model

This handout was given in class, as an example of Theory Barrowing.  I have already used this model in some of my areas of work.  This is a very useful handout, therefore I thought it may be important to put into my portfolio.  This is the 3rd example found in this section.


     BIS Assignment: Core Ideology

This assignment fit better in Section 2 of the portfolio.  I placed it there because it discusses my goals, mission statement, and processes of how I became who I am now.  I find this to be an important document in this portfolio, because it allows an employer to better understand me and my background.  It also may give an employer a sense of my future goals.