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Peter’s Career Goals


            As a career seeking professional, my goal is own and manage my own International Business.  I have extended my life’s experiences throughout many parts of the world, giving me a well rounded perspective on cultures and lifestyles.  Furthermore,  I have studied many religions of the world and participate in a religious lifestyle in Italy; living with a Catholic Priest.  I would like to utilize this experience, through serving churches and less fortunate peoples with education. 


            I have 7 years of selling books to school throughout the United States and parts of Europe.  I would like to extend my experience and my knowledge of religion to many more parts of the world.  The need for education, especially faith based learning, is essential in this growing world.  My goal is to offer less Textbooks, novels, and spiritual reading to churches and less fortunate communities.  At first glance, it seems that there is little profit in this business.  On the contrary, most of the world fits into the category described; therefore, if a well organized and creative business could tap in to this market, then the profit could be immense. 


            It is clear that multiple disciplines are being utilized with this proposal; International business, and Religious Studies.  My experience in life addresses both of these disciplines.  With a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, I have achieved a well balanced idea of both concentration area.  BIS broadens the boundaries and limitations of a single major or double major.  Furthermore, with the knowledge of groups leaderships and organization, which was learned through BIS, I can organize a team that can make this career goal possible.  Many graduates lack the ability to work with a team, resulting in low efficiency; with BIS, I have been trained to build a good Interdisciplinary team in order to best accomplish my goal.